NetSuite is introducing new features to boost your productivity in less time

It’s no secret that AI technology has been a booming sensation over the recent years. 


In the age of convenience, AI has become the icing on the productivity cake. Because artificial intelligence is only proving to get better and better, it makes sense that software companies like Oracle would utilize it in their products to stay on top of the trend.


In fact, one of our favorite features about using an ERP like Oracle NetSuite is that they intuitively update the software bi-annually to meld with the ever-changing needs of their customers and constant technological innovations.


This leads us to our point (and some exciting news): NetSuite has recently announced that they are introducing new traditional and generative AI features across the suite to boost your business productivity and efficiency while reducing overhead costs and time investments. 


New NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Features

Planning and budgeting features are getting a facelift with this new release. Oracle is rolling out AI-powered capabilities that will help you automate data analysis. 


The updated technology constantly monitors budget plans, trends, and forecasts for simplified data delivery. So, what does this mean for you? Staying on top of trends and being informed of anomalies and correlations will give you enhanced clarity to make informed decisions that will scale your business in less time.


New NetSuite Bill Capture Features

NetSuite knows that billing can be the bain of existence for the majority of their 37,000 customers who use the ERP to improve their productivity levels. Because NetSuite always hears their cries, they’re implementing AI-powered technology to streamline the billing process.


With this update, the software will capture new expenses and organize them based on previous history. This will remove a portion of the manual bill process so the accounting team can focus on tasks that keep the productivity train pushing onward.


New NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

This round of updates will introduce NetSuite customers to a new and improved NetSuite Analytics Warehouse run on AI-powered technology.


This new feature will consolidate and centralize data from various sources for more accessible and more organized data analysis and reporting. With new visuals and a deeper dive into transaction details, you will be able to instantaneously spot repetitive patterns so you can make effective change decisions. 


New NetSuite Text Enhance

NetSuite is putting generative AI to work with their new text enhance feature. 


Users will be able to create branded and customized content across the Suite in any area that requires text. Simply provide NetSuite with a simple prompt, phrase, or collection of words, and the software will conjure relevant text that can be reviewed, edited, and approved quickly. 


The current course of AI technology is proving that the trajectory of its impact on productivity is only going to improve as time goes on. We can only expect that Oracle NetSuite will follow closely in those footsteps to help business owners move toward more efficient, streamlined operations so they can see significant growth. 


If you’re ready to implement an ERP that prides itself on flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness, ask us about Oracle NetSuite! We’re happy to sit down and fill you in on why it might be the best fit for your company's growth. 


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