Our Favorite Fall Hair Trends

Pumpkin spice season is here! But if you’re still struggling to get out of summer mode, perhaps it’s time to give your image something new, which is why we're sharing our favorite Fall Hair Trends! With these, you can signal to your mind that Fall is here. And what better way to change your image than with a haircut you can’t help but fall in love with? 


Whether it’s something subtle or bold, a new Fall hairstyle could take you right out of the summer mood and get you excited and ready for the cozy sweater weather. And if you’re not sure what new hairstyle to go for, don’t worry. We’ve got that part covered. With so many fall hair trends emerging, we’re sure there’s something perfect for you. 

Fall Hair Trend #1: The Bob

If you've got flowing locs, and you're looking for a drastic change, a bob might be just the thing to make you feel like a completely new person! The best part is bobs come in various lengths. You can opt for a cut right up to your shoulders or even your ears, depending on how bold you want to go with your chop. 


Does a lack of styling options scare you about cutting your hair? Don't let it! There are so many ways to style a bob. You can do something shaggy like this or do a classic cut like this Italian bob

Fall Hair Trend #2: Bangs

A dramatic cut might not be in the cards for everyone, and that's okay! If you're looking for something subtle, consider getting bangs! Although it may sound like a simple add-on, don't underestimate it. Bangs can make a huge difference and are worth the try, seeing that they, like bobs, can also be done in different ways. 


You can opt for curtain bangs, which are short-styled versions of bangs that usually sweep across your entire forehead. Another bang option? Curve-cut bangs! Curve-cut bangs are similar to curtain bangs; they're longer in style and focused on framing your entire face. This option may need more products to keep in place, but is still worth it!

Fall Hair Trend #3: The Waves

Looking to take some of the summer vibes into the Fall season with you? Make the most of your long waves by upping the drama with a revitalizing butterfly cut. Butterfly cuts are a hair trend taken right out of the 90s that is still alive and well today! With the butterfly cut, your hairstylist will prioritize giving your hair a bouncy feel by blending layers with a full blowout. 


Don’t have the long waves you need for a butterfly cut? Don’t count yourself out just yet. With quality hair extensions like this Ash Blonde Crown Clip-In from our client Hidden Crown, you can achieve the look you want no matter the length of your hair.

Keep In Mind…

As you set out to choose your new look, keep in mind that it’s important to talk to your hairstylist. Taking into account your face shape, hair texture, and the amount of upkeep you’ll have to manage can help you determine, before you commit to anything, if you’ll be happy with your choice. 


Once you do find something you’ll love, though, embrace it! Make sure to take pictures of the fall trend you fall in love with, and tag us at @ekwaniconsulting so we can cheer on your new look!