Forgot the SPF? These 5 tips will help ease the burn!


We’ve all been there! After a busy morning wrangling the household together and running out the door, you realize (only once it’s too late) that you’ve forgotten the SPF. Now, this might not be as big of a deal on any other day. But during the summer months, when you more than likely wrangled the household together to spend time in the sun, it’s a pretty heavy blow.


With the effects of the sun getting more potent, persistent sun exposure can leave lasting effects on our skin. And without the proper SPF, it could leave you and your loved ones with an immediate and uncomfortable sunburn. So if you’ve found yourself without sunscreen today as you head out for some fun summer activities, read on for five tips on easing the pain.


Dive Into Cool Water

Once sunburn has set in, it can be an incredibly irritating and, at times, painful experience. Diving into cool water is one of the easiest and quickest ways to treat the pain!

So if the sunburn is a side effect of some beach or pool time, make the most of it by diving into the cool water. Being inside of it will not only feel great on your burning skin but also give it some intermediate barrier between the sun and, subsequently, additional pain. And if you’re not by the beach or pool, head home for a cool shower or bath! We promise it’ll feel just as good.



Does a particular area of sunburn feel especially painful? To treat it, The American Association of Dermatology (AAD) suggests that you stay away from any “-caine” products (such as benzocaine) and instead opt for a product that contains aloe vera.

Our favorite? This “After Sun Soothing Hydrating Aloe Gel” created by our clients at Babo Botanicals. As a product specifically made to treat skin after it’s had fun in the sun, this gel can refresh and cool down sun-exposed skin.



Spending time in the sun will require you to stay on your hydration game. But when you’re dealing with a sunburn? Staying hydrated is even more important!

In this article, the AAD shares that sunburn can draw fluid from your skin’s surface and the rest of your body. This means you’ll need to replenish it frequently, and while water will always be the best way to accomplish this, there are some reinforces you can put in place!


One of them is the “After Sun Aloe and Cucumber Soothing Mist,” also made by our clients at Babo Botanicals. With a plant-based and alcohol-free formula, this mist rehydrates your skin and “forms a protective barrier on the skin to prevent further moisture loss.”


Protect Your Sunburn

We know it may sound backward to protect your sunburn but hear us out! If you’ve developed a sunburn with blisters, you won’t want to pick at it or pop it. Blisters are your body’s way of helping your skin heal, and it’s crucial that you leave it alone when it forms, as it could be the key thing preventing you from getting an infection.

Another thing to keep in mind when dealing with a sunburn is to protect your skin as a whole as soon as you can. If you’re not busy moisturizing it or putting it under refreshing cold water, wear tightly-woven clothing that doesn’t allow any sun to get through as you give your skin time to heal.


Head Indoors

We know this one is obvious, but it bears saying! The effects of the sun can leave lasting effects when you submit your skin to it without protection. So if you find yourself without sunscreen and the sun feels especially intolerable, and you’re unable to pick up some SPF, then consider that today might not be the day to do a particular activity and make plans to try again when you might be better protected.

Stay Safe!

The summertime is meant to be spent outdoors! Especially when you’ve got a house full of kiddos out of school and begging for things to do. But even while you enjoy the summer season, you’ll want to prioritize doing it safely.

By having SPF on hand, you’ll make sure your skin and the skin of those you love are protected from the sun’s harmful rays. And by having these backup tips on hand, you’ll make sure you know what to do if you don’t.