Prep Your Skin for the Fall Transition


In the blink of an eye, summer is already coming to an end. We’re waving goodbye to the poolside days, backyard BBQs, and all the fun firework festivities as we gear up for the calming Fall months. But for those with skin as temperamental as the weather, how can we manage the damage our skin may have undergone after these days under the summer sun?


How can you rejuvenate your sunkissed skin and get it back to its full health just in time for that delightful sweater weather? Thankfully, we’ve got a few ideas. Here are 5 ways to get your skin back to health just in time for Fall!


Switch up Your Moisturize

 Although you may have been utilizing a nice lightweight moisturizer throughout the summer months to account for the heaviness of the humidity, that won’t quite cut it in the cooler seasons. During the Fall season, dermatologists suggest it’s best to use a heavier moisturizer–one that can retain moisture and create a stronger barrier against harsh cold weather for your skin’s protection.

Layer Your Products

 In order to give your skin the best chance for protection, it’s important to begin layering your products as you transition into the Fall season. You’ll want to prioritize using complementing products that can make room for your skin to breathe while also allowing it to retain the moisture it needs.

One of our go-to products that knocks it out of the park when it comes to layering and moisturizing? The Total Body Glow Trio by our client, Osea Malibu. This 3-in-1 product provides you with everything you need to keep your skin looking its best throughout this transition; with a plant-based body brush to help you get rid of dead skin from the rough summer months, it helps you smooth and prep your skin for optimal hydration. It also comes with their Salts of the Earth Body Scrub to add moisturizer back into your skin and


Undaria Algae Body Oil to give your skin an incredibly soft feel and visibly glowing look.


Break Out the Humidifier

Summertime didn't just bring you lots of good memories. It also gave your skin tons of humidity to soak up. And now, with the heat decreasing, the humidity in the air is going with it, which means you've got to work a little harder to make sure your skin has what it needs.


Lower humidity is typically an easy way that your skin can become irritated and begin to show signs of flaking, cracking, or peeling. An easy way to balance this back out is by breaking out your humidifier. A good humidifier will raise the hydration in the air and effectively support your skin’s transition into the Fall months.


Avoid Over-Exfoliation 

Many ingredients in typical skincare products contain things like retinoids or glycolic acid. And while these ingredients may have aided you during the summer months, during the colder months, they can become very harsh on your skin. So you’ll want to be aware of the types of products you pick up and what you’re using throughout your routine.


One quick and simple way to know if you’re putting your skin under too much pressure is to see how it's feeling or reacting throughout the day. If it’s flaking or peeling, you may be over-exfoliating and should switch to a more nourishing product.


Don’t Stop the SPF


Now that the sun is going down sooner and you’re not spending as much time outdoors, you may feel called to pack away the sunscreen or, at the very least, not pull it out as much. But here’s your reminder to keep it out! The sun’s UV rays are extremely harmful to your skin, not just during the summer (although that is when it’s at its worst) but all year long. So make sure to continue wearing your SPF during the Fall season every time you step out the door.


Fall in Love With Your Skin




Whether you love the fall months or dread it, it doesn’t have to be a bad time for your skin. With the right products and transition preparation, the Fall season can be the perfect time to fall back in love with it.