Salesforce vs. NetSuite (which is the better CRM?)


With the advancement of technology and information readily available, there's no denying the truth: consumers are getting smarter.


Not only are they more conscientious of their purchasing decisions, but they're also conscious of the companies they're doing business with and how those companies treat them and appreciate their business. This means that the need to provide high-quality customer service has skyrocketed. For businesses to succeed, they must have systems and operations that allow them to serve their customers effectively.


The solution to this in recent years has become CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Platforms that allow businesses to track customer activity from beginning to end to give them a more curated experience.


However, with so many CRMs on the market, how can businesses know which CRM is right for them? In this blog, we're pitting the top 2 CRMs (Salesforce and NetSuite) against each other. We'll determine, once and for all, which is the better CRM.



First up on the chopping block is NetSuite. As a user-friendly platform that can adapt to the needs of just about any industry, NetSuite provides many features and benefits to its users. It can manage accounts and leads. It can provide your team with mobile access to serve customers on the go. It can even provide process automation and sales performance management.

A few things, however, sets NetSuite apart from Salesforce. Unlike Salesforce, NetSuite allows users to create landing pages and web forms and deploy marketing automation. Together, this bundle of tools gives any NetSuite user a more robust foundation for their marketing efforts. By having these marketing tools under one house, users are assured a smooth process when it comes to marketing to your customers and providing them with a high-quality service from beginning to end.


Other benefits of NetSuite include the following:

  • Quotes, orders, and invoices

  • Email integration

  • Partner management

  • Document management

  • Integrations

  • Dashboards and reporting

  • Charts and visualizations


Keep in mind that there's a reason NetSuite is hailed as the #1 ERP system. However, its CRM functions only begin to scratch the surface of what this platform can do!



Salesforce has undoubtedly become a favorite of CEOs in the world of CRMs. Like NetSuite, Salesforce can provide mobile access and process automation. Also, like NetSuite, it's hosted on the cloud and powered by AI technology, giving you better support when analyzing your business to make more informed decisions.

However, one of Salesforce's biggest draws for its customers is its team social feed. As an area for employees and team members to chat about projects, share ideas and build up general employee engagement, the team social feed has proved to be a welcome feature.

However, even with this beneficial feature, it seems that may be where the benefits end. While Salesforce has been a favorite among many, many also believe that the Salesforce platform can feel overwhelming and a burden to adapt to in the day-to-day. While any platform takes getting used to, it seems this one butt heads with employees more than others.


The Winner Is…

To us, NetSuite is the winner! With the same qualities of Salesforce but on a more adaptable and user-friendly scale, it's apparent that this platform was made to fit into any industry and/or business operations efficiently.

NetSuite does indeed lack a social feed, but with integrations for social apps like Slack, that's a problem that can be easily rerouted.


For more information on how the features of NetSuite can boost the productivity and growth of your business, click here to schedule a consultation.