The Rundown on NetSuite Project Management


Are you feeling the paralyzing overwhelm of a dreaded team project or worried you don’t have the capacity to manage an important client project? Without the right support system, resources, or tools, we completely understand where the feeling can come from. As a business owner, projects can feel like a task dedicated to taking away from your manpower and slowing down your efficiency.


But as experts in project management, we’ve come to understand that the key to successful project management all comes down to the tools you have to stay on track and the clarity you have to keep making the right decisions.


Thankfully, when it comes to tools and clarity, there’s not much on the market that gives you what NetSuite’s Project Management can give you, and in this blog, we’ll show you exactly why that is!


Project Dashboard

Let’s start with the absolute best feature of NetSuite’s Project Management service: its dashboard. With its dashboard, you’re able to ​​get a visual and graphical analysis of the status of projects. You’ll also be able to see or engage in other intricate details like:

Tasks and Activities


With this, you’d be able to organize certain tasks for clients or employees that need completion, as well as manage upcoming events like phone calls or meetings.




Need to stay on top of how much time is being dedicated to a certain project? Easy access to timesheets as well as customized options for approval, can make tracking and submitting these an easy task!


Estimate Labor and Revenue


With active timesheets and loaded cost rates, the dashboard can also give you insight into how much a project is costing you, as well as how much it can make you based on the billing rate for each client.


Keep in mind this is only a taste of things you can find on the dashboard within NetSuite’s Project Management service. Additionally, when clicked on, each of these sub-features can dive more into your individual needs for each!


Manage Multiple Project Types

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, you may have multiple projects going on at any given time. Projects for you, your employees, your clients, and maybe even your organization as a whole.

With NetSuite Project Management, you don’t have to pick between managing just one. You can have multiple projects, no matter the type, on your dashboard and displayed so that obtaining information from it is always just a click away.


Tie Projects to Customers and Bill Directly

Another favorite feature of NetSuite’s Project Management service is its ability to tie projects to customers and bill them directly. Not only does this feature avoid the need to constantly track projects and therefore reduce the amount of time spent doing so, but it also increases the efficiency of settling up accounts with clients that much quicker.

With automations like this built into the system, it’s no wonder why NetSuite’s Project Management service can be a quick and effective boost to the growth of your business.


Management Support From Beginning to End.

Again, whether these projects are for internal goals or external ones, having the right support to make your project a success makes all the difference. And here at Ekwani, we’ve seen info on the market to know that NetSuite’s Project Management feature is the support system that makes all the difference.
With its project management dashboard, multiple project capability, and accounting tie-in benefits, it’ll be exactly what your business needs to stay on track from beginning to end.