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3 Reasons your Business Needs to Move to the Cloud

Moving your business to the cloud can feel like a daunting task. But with the world moving more and more online, it’s a task that’s becoming inevitable.

And one that you’re better off doing sooner rather than later.

If you’re new to the phrase, moving to “the cloud,” don’t be alarmed. You’re not packing your business up on a plane to hang out with a rhombulus. “Moving to the cloud” simply means backing your business up to servers that run completely online rather than that of the hard drive on your computer.

And because there are many reasons why your business could benefit from running on the cloud, this blog is geared towards helping you understand what those are. This way, you’ll be excited to make this switch not just because those around you are doing it, but because it’s good for the long-term success of your business.

Let’s get started!

Never stop scaling!

One of the best benefits of moving your business to the cloud is that it gives you the space and freedom to scale your business to heights that you never thought imaginable!

With different platforms online that can completely revolutionzie the way you market and sell your products (or even what you sell,) moving to the cloud can completely change the revenue you’re capable of pulling in. Not only this, but when you move your business online, you’re also able to increase your capacity of workers.

With platforms like NetSuite that make it possible to add-on, train and manage as many employees as you need, you’re able to increase support for your business, and your customers without raising costs or adding on work for you.

Better security.

Another top benefit companies find with moving to the cloud is that their business and their customers are able to experience better security and safeguard of business and personal data.

For customers, shopping with stores that work on the cloud takes away the mistakes of human error and packs in the confidence of cybersecurity. They’re able to enter their data with no worries that it’ll get stolen or hacked from some outside force.

For businesses, the cloud gives you the ability to sleep peacefully at night knowing that all data is backed up to servers upon servers! As most cloud providers operate on thousands of servers and even provide a physical center, this added benefit gives businesses wide scale online security they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

Increase in efficiency

Finally, increase in efficiency is another perk you’ll experience when moving your business to the cloud. And this will happen in many ways:

  1. Your team won’t be caught up in manually checking and documenting things anymore. On cloud-based platforms, many things can be generated, automated or prompted.

  2. Your team will be able to access all necessary documents and information from one hub. This will allow them to work with each other and collaborate on a more seamless front because they’re working in sync with each other.

  3. Your team can work from anywhere! On the cloud, your employees don’t have to be at their desk to address a task or issue. Most platforms provide remote or mobile access so that the wheels can always stay in motion, no matter the location!

We know moving to the cloud can seem like a big task but if done correctly, the effort will all be worth it in the end and your business will surely thank you!

If you’re feeling daunted at the idea of moving your business to the cloud, reach out to our team! As experts in project management and NetSuite integration, we’d be happy to do a diagnostic on your business and see how our services could help!

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