How Avalara Enhances Your Netsuite Experience

For most of our clients using ERP software, math and taxes isn’t exactly the reason that they got into their business. If anything, it’s often an annoying side effect. Something they have to do in order to keep their business compliant and the checks and balances of their business staying accurate. 


But because they didn’t get into business to dabble in mathematics and the ever-changing and always confusing tax laws, staying compliant can become a job all its own. A job they don’t have time for but also can’t afford to make human error on. Luckily, for those with Oracle NetSuite, there’s a simple answer. Meet Avalara.  

Calculate tax rates

If you haven’t heard of it, Avalara is a global compliance integration app that has become a fan-favorite amongst Oracle NetSuite users. One of its driving factors? It calculates tax rates. Don’t worry, our mouths were on the floor, too!


By automatically and accurately verifying addresses in over 13,000 U.S. jurisdictions, Avalara cuts out two major problems happening in B2C’s or B2B’s organizations: inaccurate tax collections and wrong deliveries. With automatic and accurate verification, business owners and customers can rest easier knowing that they won’t be coming up short at tax time and that deliveries won’t be made to wrong addresses. 

Prepare returns

Be honest. When tax time rolls around, does it ever feel like you and your tax department are scrambling? By integrating Avalara into Oracle NetSuite or any adaptable ERP software, this pours some much-needed calm into that chaos. 


With the ability to reconcile worksheets, get accurate knowledge on where and when to submit returns, and other supportive functions that allow you to double check the numbers across platforms and across multiple jurisdictions — tax time is a breeze. 


And don't even get us started on the hands-down Avalara winning function of being able to consolidate your tax payments, take one solid payment, and pay it on your behalf. They’re a fan-fave for a reason!

Manage documents

Having a business that can reach customers all over the world is a massive win (congrats btw!). But it also comes with a unique challenge: Managing clients and customers from all over the world. Fortunately, Avalara’s already overcome it. 


Avalara provides customers with functions that help you easily collect and access exemption documents, monitor and manage renewals, and even request and process certificates from clients or connected organizations when needed. Saving your employees (and you) hours of follow-up manpower and giving you back valuable resources that can be dedicated to other ways of growing and fueling your business. 

Take a raincheck on the tax headaches

ERP software’s are necessary in budding and ambitious businesses. Why? It gives businesses a firm grip on what’s happening in all departments while setting them up for success — especially with customized software like Oracle NetSuite. 


But remember, most ERP software’s have limitations. They give you the foundation, but apps like Avalara help it go the distance. So if you or your finance team has been struggling with the weight of keeping up with tax rates and complying with the requirements of the over 13,000 jurisdictions, take some time to consider how Avalara might improve your efficiency, bolster confidence in your customers, and bring some much-needed calm into tax time. 


For support in integrating Avalara into your ERP software, reach out to our team!