Spring Home Decor Trends


The Spring season often gives us the innate urge to kick into Spring cleaning. But once the cupboards are dusted, the closets emptied, and the clutter is gone, do you know what else the sunny Spring weather gives us? The inspiration to redecorate!


With budding flowers and birds chirping, Springtime often marks the start of new beginnings. And after the long winter months, a little redecorating could be a fun, creative project that not only renews your mind but rejuvenates your space.


So if you’re up for it, tie up your hair and get ready to have fun. In this blog, we’ve wrangled together some of the top Spring home decor trends to try that’ll give your home a breath of fresh air.


Fresh Colors

The #1 Spring home decor trend circulating right now is fresh, bold colors. And we can’t blame them! Whether you’ve painted your home before or you’ve been keeping it classically white, there’s nothing quite like having the sun pouring through our window against the backdrop of a calming yellow or deep saffron.

To add some real fun to it, make sure to accessorize the walls with paintings or artwork that complement the base color you choose.


Fresh Scents

Whether you choose to paint or not, one great way to freshen up your home and bring the cheer of the Spring time in is by getting some new scents into your space. And what better way to do that than with a heart-warming candle?

Voluspa, a candle company and client of ours, has a broad line of beautifully scented candles that will be a welcome addition to any space. Their 3-wick candle Wildflowers, for example, has notes of Native Wildflowers, Golden Poppy, Springing Herbs & Soft Citrus. If that doesn’t scream Spring, we don’t know what does!


Natural Elements

Another trend we’re seeing a lot of this upcoming Spring is the theme of bringing natural elements in. While this may mean adding in some potted plants, which have been shown to reduce stress, many decorators are going a step further by electing to furnish homes with wooded material.

For the record, this is not a suggestion to buy large, expensive wooden pieces. The focus, rather, is on wooden pieces that can bring an extra level of grounding and comfort to your space. Much the same as a walk outside might!


Soulful Space

Speaking of comfort, the final Spring home decor trend that is picking up speed is carving out a space in your home where you feel invited to relax. Whether in your bedroom or a corner of your living room, the goal is to have comfortable materials and accessories in the space that encourage you to wind down.

For everyone, this may manifest differently! For example, for some, this area may have lots of pillows. It may also be a weighted blanket nearby or a room filled with motivational quotes. It’s whatever makes you feel most at home with yourself.


Follow Your Heart!

Rejuvenating your space is a fun project, and while these decor trends should provide you with some great ideas on how to get started, remember to follow your heart with it! Just because it’s what’s popular right now doesn’t have to mean it's right for you.

If you’re envisioning darker colors or moodier scents, go for it. This is your new beginning.