Signs It's Time to Switch ERPs

Signs It’s Time to Switch ERPs

Investing in ERP technology to fuel your business is always a smart step forward. However, if you’ve been feeling more frustrated than delighted with your ERP as of late, you’re probably wondering why. Why does something that felt right in the beginning suddenly feel very wrong? 


As business tech consultants, we’ve seen this many times with our clients, and it's important to know that you’re not alone and haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes, your business just falls out of love with its ERP. Let’s review some signs that might signal it’s time to break up with your ERP. 

You’re Inputting Data More Than Receiving It

One of the hallmarks of your ERP is that it’s meant to provide you with invaluable information. By taking a widespread view of your business, it should automatically generate data that helps you make key decisions and keeps your workflows moving. It should always act as a 24/7 invested employee who is spotting the opportunities and helping you skirt the risks. 


However, if you find yourself enlightening your ERP more than it seems to be enlightening you, or if you still have a heavy hand in inputting data (and being susceptible to human error,) these are clear signs it might be time to move on. 

You’re Wishing Your ERP Could Do More

If you or your team has ever had to initiate a workflow process, manually input data, look up compliance requirements, or even manually track a customer journey, you’ve probably said these words out loud:

“I wish someone else could do this.” 


And you know what? Someone else could. Your ERP! Depending on your ERP software (and when it was purchased), there are likely many upgrades and capabilities you’re missing out on because of outdated software. You bought your ERP to save time, avoid headaches, and move you forward. And if there are still lots of areas it isn’t doing that, then that’s another sign it’s time to move on. 

Your Team Is Losing Time Rather Than Saving It

Speaking of saving time, if your employees are struggling with your current ERP, that’s another clear sign that it’s time to switch. 


ERPs should not cause blocks in your day–to–day process. They should not cause your team frustration or confusion. And they certainly should never cost them their time. They're designed to make their days easier and more productive. 


However, if you find yourself answering ERP questions or fixing ERP blocks routinely throughout your day, just know it’s NOT supposed to be that way. 

You’re Not Meeting Customer Standards

If you’re manually inputting data to your ERP or having workflows and processes jammed up by a lack of ERP functionality, chances are you and your team aren’t the only ones feeling it. Your customers are, too. 


If you find yourself dropping the ball on the customer journey or never managing inventory in the most ideal and efficient way, you’re likely not meeting your customer’s standards. Your ERP is meant to help you meet your customer's standards. So, if you look at reviews or feedback and see a clear problem with the behind-the-scenes operations, you know what that means, right? 


Yup. Time to switch. 

Your ERP Is Holding You Back 

While all the signs above may indicate a need to switch your ERP, one feeling tops them all. It’s the feeling that your ERP is holding you back. 


If you feel that your ERP system is not helping you at any point throughout your day, that’s the biggest sign of all. It could be managing your teams, finances, compliance, accounting, customer journey, inventory management–you name it. ERPs today have the technology to keep up with and manage all of this, and while your ERP may have been the answer when you bought it, it’s totally okay to realize that it no longer is.  

We Make the Switch Easy!

Realizing that it’s time to switch ERPs may feel like a crushing blow. After all, would switching and implementing a whole new system really save you more time than just sticking with your old one? The answer is YES! 

As business technology consultants and NetSuite implementors, we know that the right ERP can change everything. And it doesn’t have to be as time-consuming or business-disrupting as you may think. 


Contact our team today to navigate your switch and find the right ERP.