Oracle NetSuite 2023.2 Rolls Out a New Way to Track Data

One of our favorite features about using an ERP like Oracle NetSuite is with integrations and customizations available to make the system more compatible with your needs; NetSuite has found a way to honor the unique complexities of any one industry and business model. 


However, it’s not ignorant to the fact that even with its many features and benefits, your business may still need to step outside the lines of what the ERP can offer from time to time. On the contrary, it’s well aware of it. It knows that there are processes your team does or fast-acting events that happen within your business it couldn’t yet account for. Which may have made accurate data readings a little lopsided. 


But with NetSuite’s latest update release, it aims to fix that problem! With the NetSuite 2023.2 Release, NetSuite has provided you with additional features to help you get more efficient access to data you can depend on.

Start Syncing your Business Data

When trends, holidays, or big events hit, Oracle NetSuite understands that things can start to move pretty fast within your business. And when things are moving fast, both you, your team, and your customers need data they can rely on, business data that may need to be updated a little more than once a day. 


Thankfully, with the latest update, daily updates are now optional. Whether with sales or financials, you can now set a data refresh schedule that better meets the needs of your business. Whether this is hourly, every 3 hours, or whatever your preference may be, you can now get data refreshes to give you the best reading on what's happening with your business at any given time. To tweak your settings, go to your pipeline settings menu to adjust!

Business Metrics That Give You More Visibility

Were your business metrics previously holding you up? Well, that problem should be alleviated thanks to the latest release. Now, using prebuilt metrics, you'll have access to over 55 horizontal and vertical metrics that are designed to cover just about every subject area. 


This includes project management metrics, sales wave metrics, and financial metrics. The latest update also includes a budget analysis enhancement so that you're no longer required to manually enter in financial data from outside systems. All in all, you’ll have more tools and resources to help you monitor progress or obstacles of tasks and necessary data that certain departments may need to make decisions.  

Get Data-Driven Results!

The Oracle NetSuite 2023.2 Release was PACKED with so many game-changing and necessary updates. If you didn’t catch it, our previous blog walked you through how some of the updates will also be a massive help to your financials.


We’re excited about this one, though, because while moving your business forward requires passion and dedication, as consultants, we also know that 90% of it also comes down to strategy. It’s all about analyzing your business to figure out what it needs so that you can make more strategic steps. And nothing helps you make those steps better than data. The more accurate and updated your data, the more accurate and updated your steps. As you begin to make the most out of the latest release, we can’t wait to see where your next steps take you. 


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the updates of the NetSuite 2023.3 Release? Reach out to us to find out how we can help  make the most of what your ERP now has to offer you.